The Ulyanovsk area - the subject of the Russian Federation, is a part of Privolzhsky federal district.

Administrative centre - Ulyanovsk.

The Ulyanovsk area is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia, on the average the Volga region. On territory it occupies 62 place in Russia and the last among 8 regions of the Volga region.
The river Volga divides area territory into a raised Right and a low Left  (Заволжье).

The right part is occupied by the Privolzhsky height (height to 363) with Undorsky to Volga Undorsky, Kremensky and Sengileevsky mountains. A surface of a left-bank part - hollow-uvalistaja plain.
The basic river - Volga (the Kuibyshev water basin) with inflows Sura, Свияга, Big Черемшан, etc.

Borders on the Samara area in the east, with Saratov in the south, with the Penza area and Mordovia in the west, with Chuvashiya and Tatarstan in the north.

On the population (1322 thousand people (2007)) the area occupies 37 place across Russia and 6 among regions of the Volga region. On population density (35, 4 people of/km І) - 29 place across Russia and the third among regions of the Volga region, conceding to Only Samara area and Republic Tatarstan, and on relative density of urban population (urban saturation) - 72,8 % - 35 place across Russia and 5 among regions of the Volga region.

Leading position in structure of a mineralno-source of raw materials of area occupy oil (stocks make 42 million), glass, cement, siliceous (50 million stocks т, large deposits - Inzensky, Zabalujsky) and карбонатное raw materials (12 million stocks), and also raw materials for rough ceramics. Also in area 493 deposits of peat with 33,2 million stocks т are revealed and reconnoitered.
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